Pictured: Lynn Occhino (left) and Karla Nolan display a freshly baked pizza from the ovens of Nocchinos Pizzeria.



After the closing of Elma Pizza Shoppe, Karla and Lynn, along with the help of their husbands, Michael Nolan and Lee Occhino,  (pictured above right) decided to renovate and expand the former building and include a dinning area. Customers could have the option to eat in, and enjoy wide screen TV or bring their laptops to take advantage of free internet access,  or take out.

    Food service is no stranger to Karla Nolan as she uses her past experence of owning four Subway locations. Lynn added,  “Currently our menu focuses on pizzeria dishes. In the future we hope to add more specialties.”

    Opening in late September of 2009 the business holds a lot of promise. "The community has been very supportive of us" according to Karla Nolan.

    Nocchinos also offers daily money saving deals on their “specials” board,  for those who wish to enjoy lunch away from the office.

    Nocchinos staff includes Karla Nolan's husband, Elma Town Supervisor Michael Nolan, and  Lynn Occhino's husband Lee, who boasts about his Elma Steak Pizza and Funnel Fries, fried dough in the shap